Students with management staff at PADECO YOUTH TRAINING CENTER

                                                 YOUTH VOCATIONAL TRAINING

PADECO Youth Training Centre (PYTC) at Mjimwema - Njombe town, 200 meters from Main Bus stand. The center was established to provide vocational and trade skills to young girls and boys to be eligible for both, employment and self-employment for their future wellbeing.


                                                  Director: Getrude Mtitu

                                                  Principal: Bonface Mgalavanu

                                                  Coordinator: Vicent Kikula

                    Courses offered (Long course 2 or 3 years):

                                                      1.       Motor vehicle mechanics

                                                      2.       Domestic and Industrial electric

                                                      3.       Tailoring and sewing

                                                      4.       Shoe making

                                                      5.       Carpentry and Joinery

We also offer one year short courses like welding and fabrication, Masonry, Plumbing and computer application course.